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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with New Decks

Explore the realm of outdoor living like never before with Ace of Decks LLC. As leading luxury deck builders in the Chicagoland area, we specialize in creating and installing new decks that are not just functional, but also an extension of your home’s beauty and character. Experience the blend of durability and elegance in every new deck we create, customized to your vision and lifestyle needs. Let’s start your journey towards a captivating outdoor living space today.

Composite Decks

Discover the best of both worlds with composite decks. These decks combine the natural allure of wood with the hardiness of recycled plastics, delivering a superior outdoor experience. They offer the visual appeal of traditional wood without the high maintenance, and their resistance to weathering ensures long-lasting durability. By choosing a composite deck, you embrace elegance, practicality, and sustainability all at once.

Steel Deck Framing

Steel deck framing offers an exceptional foundation for any deck, lending unparalleled strength and stability. Known for its resistance to warping, twisting, and shrinking, steel stands as a robust,
weather-resistant choice
that guarantees the longevity of your deck. With a steel-framed deck, you’re investing in a structure designed to endure, delivering a seamless outdoor experience for years to come.

Deck Railing

Deck railings do not merely ensure safety but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor spaces. Choose from a diverse range of materials – Crystal for unmatched clarity, Aluminum for enduring strength, Composite for low-maintenance longevity, Vinyl for classic elegance, or Cable for a sleek, modern look. Each railing option is custom-designed to perfectly complement your deck, enhancing its character and charm. Deck railing, with its blend of functionality and style, becomes an essential element defining your deck’s personality.

Deck Skirting

Deck skirting is the finishing touch that transforms your deck from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s not only aesthetically pleasing, adding a level of sophistication to your deck, but it also provides practical benefits. By covering the space beneath your deck, skirting ensures a clean and polished look, while also preventing pests from making a home under your deck. With deck skirting, your outdoor space becomes a seamless, elegant extension of your home.

Under-Deck Waterproofing

Under-deck waterproofing, also known as an under-deck drainage system, revolutionizes the way you use your deck and the space beneath it. This ingenious system not only protects your deck and the area underneath from water damage but also creates a dry, usable space for varied purposes. It’s about making the most of your outdoor space, enhancing the overall appearance of your deck, and increasing property value. Whether you wish to set up a comfortable patio, a handy storage area, a personal workshop, or a picturesque garden, under-deck waterproofing paves the way for a safer, more versatile deck experience.

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